Thursday, June 28, 2007 @ 10:20 PM
hehe.. i'm back after 4 days wor... been busy and tired lor...

a lot of things happen at work which is quite techincal to explain.. but just to know that its more work can liao.. haha.. young boss came yesterday and treat the site ppl to lunch and inform us that the pay increment in july will be slightly above market rate... so can i hope for $200 increase for mi!! haha... if so i would be very happy liao... means every mth $160 bucks more to spend... a collegue of mine is going to tender his resignation tml.. cos got better offer outside.. offering him $5k like that as RE position.. he's 30 this years means work for 4-5 years liao.. shiok

i am aiming for oakley specs with transistion lenses.. think will amount to $500+.. ex sia.. anyone got lobang or know where is cheap.. anyway chris and fidz was saying its quite worth it... next weekend 6,7,8 going to genting with mi hall idiots.. haha.. fri night going off via bus then reach singapore on sun night bah... long long time never go liao.. dont know got wat changes...

was looking at mi photo album in mi comp then saw that i changed a lot since mi 1st year in hall... was so young and handsome.. and now.. mature and handsome.. haha.. saw the folders.. 21st bday, 23rd bday, 24th bday, 25th bday, dnd04, dnd05, dnd06, OC, Cheerleading, Surprise chalet for mi grad at ECP, Tielo OC grp that i am the OGL, bike recce photo.. and also bintan trip with mi jc vball those idiots.. haha... etc.. all the memories ah... haiii... seems so old now...

Reina bday on sat.. wishing her an early bday gal!! have a nice trip ah and wish that ya will be happier and and straighten things out... though ya never tell mi anything but i know ya got a lot of things on ya mind.. come back liao then meet up (i.e presents for mi)before i go for mi genting trip ah.. hehe...

i wanna watch movies!!! i been outdated on movie.. sucks.. i havent watch spiderman 3, transformers and watever nice movie..

喜欢你 - Beyond

望向孤單的晚燈 是那傷感的記憶

願妳此刻可會知 是我衷心的說聲

喜歡妳 那雙眼動人
笑聲更迷人 願再可
輕撫妳 那可愛面容
挽手說夢話 像昨天

願妳此刻可會知 是我衷心的說聲

每晚夜裏自我獨行 隨處蕩 多冰冷
已往為了自我掙扎 從不知 她的痛苦


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