Monday, July 23, 2007 @ 11:19 PM
backie backie... been ask to update mi blog.. haha

Pay Raise!!!! +$200 liao.. hmm.. expected this amount lah.. cos its the market value lor... though if more will be happier.. muahah.. but wat to do.. no experience.. slowly lor.. mi company half year review $$.. so wait for end of year lor... mi other senior engineer saying mi career path will be different.. cos not much chinese around lah.. and in need of middle level management lor... i.e. senior enginner and site agent... if can perform well.. should be able to progress far lor.. hope so lah... those idiots china men and clerk of work giving a lot of problems these days...

last friday.. chris, hafidz, junxian, jeffery came mi house to play mj sia.. basically these idiots are those from the pic from the trip to genting... knn.. end up sleep at 4am.. next day still must wakie 630 for work.. but had fun lah.. catching up.. talking cock.. haha... junxian says he bought a pair of oakley from malaysia at 490 ringgit sia.. must go in recce liao.. keke

then last sat play soccer for the company against another sub contractor company.. super shag sia... long long long time no exercise liao ah... nearly die there sia... then wakie on sun ah.. whole body aching sia... especially mi lower back.. confrim next time will have problem sia... but wat to do.. hurt it think during army lor... must start exercising soon sia.. havent clear mi IPPT for this work year.. sucks.. hate running...

this coming friday is convo liao wor... finally i can wear the stupid gown which i still figuring how to wear sia.. haha.. finally mi parents can see mi grad officilly and i am currently the only Uni grad in both mi father and mother side.. haha.. think they should be proud of mi.. though i took 4.5yrs to grad.. but at least i grad right.. keke.. then sat is photo shoot in hall in the morning.. took some time off to come back and take pics with the ppl grad from the hall.. will be good memories bah to have.. after all stay there so long liao lor..

Hall 6 Orientation camp starts next week.. heard from the vice president that not enough seniors around to help out.. haha.. most prob sat i will go see see bah.. khal if ya seeing this.. must jio ppl to go also ah... master D on thurs near tanah merah area... shall see how... ppl have to work leh.. keke

i ask jeffery bout diving sia.. he says register in singapore quite cheap.. think 200-300+ can go for 2-3days overseas trip to dive.. tioman or somewhere there... quite interesting leh.. so feel like going leh... should be fun lah... anybody wanna go??

should start planning to go short trip soon lah.. go relax or wat... anybody got any ideas where to go???


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Monday, July 16, 2007 @ 12:13 AM
happy belated birthday to ken, ah pui and ah bye... haha... went to makan just now at plaza singapura.. wat manhanttan fish market... something similar to fish and co... but i think the food lose to fish and co wor..

after that then went down to kembangan area to makan the "yo chi me suan" i.e pig kidney soup lor... not bad lah... then talk cock awhile with mi jc vball idiots.. ahha..

from there they told mi the difference between single and eligible and single and available.. eligible means one can choose ya partner while available means ppl can choose ya... how true is that?

i wanan go in JB to get lenses for mi spec rims and buy dvd movie.. long long time no watch movies.. think need to catch up liao wor.. nobody wanna pei mi go watch movies hence have to buy and watch at home liao... so ke lian hor.. haha...

another 6 more days of work... hope this week would be smooth and not much cock up.. tml mi senior not around.. think have to cover his work liao.. always monday sure a lot of things to do one.. sucks~~

then sat got some company soccer match with another company.. then after that got soem bbq at ECP with company ppl from another site that time when i was at orientation period wor...

aLin - 位置

我依然沉溺 在回憶的海底
突然聽見自己 心跳如此清晰
竟還還活著 你的過去

我曾經相信 會遇到那個人
降溫的冷空氣 留著你的氣息
我對於遺忘 還無能為力

愛 還為你保留了位置
就算你背影 如今已漸漸充滿了未知
Oh 愛 是無法改變的位置
如果能再一次 我還是這樣的堅持

愛 還為你保留了位置
就算我的心 還依然充滿了未知
Oh 愛 是無法改變的位冒

也許某個早晨 當陽光灑進來
把位置空出來 不再為你而等待


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Friday, July 13, 2007 @ 12:47 AM
Jurong Point 2

this is the overall picture of wat i am building

the 3 condo on the side i building

the other 3 condo


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@ 12:15 AM

so long no update liao hor... so much things happen these while...

Genting trip from 6th to 8th

after work on fri then took the bus from kitchener road to genting... sat quite a nice bus.. got personal lcd tv.. watch dont know wat stupid movie.. haha.. then slept the whole trip liao... reach bout 5am like that... then cannot check in hence hit the casino.. haha.. to have a look lor... quite interesting 1st time go to genting casino... play a bit of jackpot.. no play the table games.. cos no $$.. then went for some bowling then add breaksfast at mac..

forgot to mention i went genting with mi hall mates lor.. plus 2 gals who are friends of my hall mates..

over the next 2 days.. its always casino, makan.. never really go play other stuffs.. wanna see movie.. the cinema full liao.. wanna play bumper cars but the cars like no power one.. no fun..

anyway we make a conclusion.. the food at genting sucks... the marry brown like use previous night chicken, pizza hut the service is lousy plus food also lousy... think only kfc and mac is relatively good..

then sun took the 1530 bus back... well done is that it started raining at 1500.. seems a bit scary cos going downhill.. i do not wanna reach the bottom of the hill in a few secs.. but lucky nothing happen.. but so fun is that it was cold hence when ya breathe out.. ya can see the smoke from the mouth.. hehe...

then its a 8hrs trip back to singapore sia.. super tired when reach home at midnight plus.. then next day is work work work.. haha...


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Friday, July 06, 2007 @ 6:29 AM
mi just spent $400 on mi spec cum shades... 1st time i spent so much on specs.. this month so gonna eat grass liao.. but i feel its neccessary cos i need the shades for eye protection... i bought the shades from rudy project..


mi bought the brown color frame cos it suit mi skin color better.. haha

leaving for genting today til sunday night... so take care ya guys and gals... ciao


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Tuesday, July 03, 2007 @ 8:38 PM
hey... nan de mi back so early.. reach home at 745pm... woohoo... haha... ya know why.. cos i gonna study for mi exam tml.. Building Constrcution Safety Supervisor Course..attended 10 lessons liao.. then tml 2-4pm is the exam.. at freaking baradell area lah... sucks... i stay tampines.. morning go boon lay work then lunch time go down to baradell.. but at least after that i'm free.. muahah.. can go dating liao... haha...

but very lazy to study leh... 100mcq question and 50% is passing liao... but still must study lah.. cos i skip 4-5 lessons out of 10 liao.. haha... where got ppl working liao still need to study... boohoo...

why my reserivst letter havent come ah? so looking forward to reservist.. then can talk cock sing song with mi army idiots.. haha.. then can go eat and have fun.. plus 2 weeks away from work... going to chalet like that.. hehe... no wonder mi army men they all so look forward to reservist that time.. keke.. finally i can understand..

this is a song that i always like to hear.. so smoothing and meaningful lor... when will i have a chance for mi to sing to a gal...

Aslyn - That's When I Love You

When you have to look away
When you don't have much to say
That's when I love you
I love you
Just that way

To hear you stumble when you speak
or see you walk with two left feet
That's when I love you
I love you...endlessly

And when your mad cuz you lost a game
Forget im waiting in the rain
Baby I love you
I love you anyway

Cuz heres my promise made tonight
You can count on me for life
Cuz that's when I love you
When nothing you do can change my mind
The more I learn the more I love
The more my heart can't get enough
That's when I love you
When I love you no matter what

So when you turn to hide your eyes
Cuz the movie made you cry
That's when I love you
I love you a little more each time

And when you can't quiet match your clothes
Or when you laugh at your own jokes
Thats when I love you
I love you more than you know

And when you forget that we had a date
Or that look that u give when u show up late
Baby I love you
I love you anyway

Cuz heres my promise made tonight
You can count on me for life
Cuz that's when I love you
When nothing you do can change my mind
The more I learn the more I love
The more my heart can't get enough
That's when I love you
When I love you no matter what

.: Ending
that's when i love you
when nothing baby
nothing you do can change my mind
the more i learn the more i love
the more my heart can't get enough
thats when i love you
when i love you
no matter what
no matter what...


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Sunday, July 01, 2007 @ 9:21 PM
1st of july!!! working for bout 5months le.. still waiting for mi pay increment which is to be announce mid july... still waiting for mi 1st credit card, 1st pair of oakley specs... this month budget tight sia... cos going genting mah... hmm.. should i aim the oakley specs which will cost bout $500.. haha...

okie... 5 more days to genting trip.. looking forward to relax awhile.. before returning to work work work... keke...

wish everyone the best for the coming week ah... ahha..

林俊杰 - 害怕





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