Monday, June 18, 2007 @ 11:30 PM
hey ppl.. welcome to mi blog.. haha... l0ng time ago got had a blog.. but lazy to maintain.. hopefully this blog can go for long.. haha..
anyway wanna thanks siewx for helping mi with this blog html wor... keke... if not ah... use the default template so boring sia... keke... but i still dont know how to add shout box or comments ah... can anyone tell mi?? hehe..

i do hope this blog can let ppl who seldom meet up with mi due to mi work committment to know at the very least how am i liao... basically i know a lot of ppl wanna meet up with mi.. haha.. but i everyday work til 10-11+ how to meet up with ppl sia... think mi social life and circle of friends are diminishing liao sia... saded!! but wat to do sia... for the passion of the work and also $$ lah...

okie .. time to sleep... shall update more soon...


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