Monday, July 23, 2007 @ 11:19 PM
backie backie... been ask to update mi blog.. haha

Pay Raise!!!! +$200 liao.. hmm.. expected this amount lah.. cos its the market value lor... though if more will be happier.. muahah.. but wat to do.. no experience.. slowly lor.. mi company half year review $$.. so wait for end of year lor... mi other senior engineer saying mi career path will be different.. cos not much chinese around lah.. and in need of middle level management lor... i.e. senior enginner and site agent... if can perform well.. should be able to progress far lor.. hope so lah... those idiots china men and clerk of work giving a lot of problems these days...

last friday.. chris, hafidz, junxian, jeffery came mi house to play mj sia.. basically these idiots are those from the pic from the trip to genting... knn.. end up sleep at 4am.. next day still must wakie 630 for work.. but had fun lah.. catching up.. talking cock.. haha... junxian says he bought a pair of oakley from malaysia at 490 ringgit sia.. must go in recce liao.. keke

then last sat play soccer for the company against another sub contractor company.. super shag sia... long long long time no exercise liao ah... nearly die there sia... then wakie on sun ah.. whole body aching sia... especially mi lower back.. confrim next time will have problem sia... but wat to do.. hurt it think during army lor... must start exercising soon sia.. havent clear mi IPPT for this work year.. sucks.. hate running...

this coming friday is convo liao wor... finally i can wear the stupid gown which i still figuring how to wear sia.. haha.. finally mi parents can see mi grad officilly and i am currently the only Uni grad in both mi father and mother side.. haha.. think they should be proud of mi.. though i took 4.5yrs to grad.. but at least i grad right.. keke.. then sat is photo shoot in hall in the morning.. took some time off to come back and take pics with the ppl grad from the hall.. will be good memories bah to have.. after all stay there so long liao lor..

Hall 6 Orientation camp starts next week.. heard from the vice president that not enough seniors around to help out.. haha.. most prob sat i will go see see bah.. khal if ya seeing this.. must jio ppl to go also ah... master D on thurs near tanah merah area... shall see how... ppl have to work leh.. keke

i ask jeffery bout diving sia.. he says register in singapore quite cheap.. think 200-300+ can go for 2-3days overseas trip to dive.. tioman or somewhere there... quite interesting leh.. so feel like going leh... should be fun lah... anybody wanna go??

should start planning to go short trip soon lah.. go relax or wat... anybody got any ideas where to go???


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