Monday, July 16, 2007 @ 12:13 AM
happy belated birthday to ken, ah pui and ah bye... haha... went to makan just now at plaza singapura.. wat manhanttan fish market... something similar to fish and co... but i think the food lose to fish and co wor..

after that then went down to kembangan area to makan the "yo chi me suan" i.e pig kidney soup lor... not bad lah... then talk cock awhile with mi jc vball idiots.. ahha..

from there they told mi the difference between single and eligible and single and available.. eligible means one can choose ya partner while available means ppl can choose ya... how true is that?

i wanan go in JB to get lenses for mi spec rims and buy dvd movie.. long long time no watch movies.. think need to catch up liao wor.. nobody wanna pei mi go watch movies hence have to buy and watch at home liao... so ke lian hor.. haha...

another 6 more days of work... hope this week would be smooth and not much cock up.. tml mi senior not around.. think have to cover his work liao.. always monday sure a lot of things to do one.. sucks~~

then sat got some company soccer match with another company.. then after that got soem bbq at ECP with company ppl from another site that time when i was at orientation period wor...

aLin - 位置

我依然沉溺 在回憶的海底
突然聽見自己 心跳如此清晰
竟還還活著 你的過去

我曾經相信 會遇到那個人
降溫的冷空氣 留著你的氣息
我對於遺忘 還無能為力

愛 還為你保留了位置
就算你背影 如今已漸漸充滿了未知
Oh 愛 是無法改變的位置
如果能再一次 我還是這樣的堅持

愛 還為你保留了位置
就算我的心 還依然充滿了未知
Oh 愛 是無法改變的位冒

也許某個早晨 當陽光灑進來
把位置空出來 不再為你而等待


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