Friday, July 13, 2007 @ 12:15 AM

so long no update liao hor... so much things happen these while...

Genting trip from 6th to 8th

after work on fri then took the bus from kitchener road to genting... sat quite a nice bus.. got personal lcd tv.. watch dont know wat stupid movie.. haha.. then slept the whole trip liao... reach bout 5am like that... then cannot check in hence hit the casino.. haha.. to have a look lor... quite interesting 1st time go to genting casino... play a bit of jackpot.. no play the table games.. cos no $$.. then went for some bowling then add breaksfast at mac..

forgot to mention i went genting with mi hall mates lor.. plus 2 gals who are friends of my hall mates..

over the next 2 days.. its always casino, makan.. never really go play other stuffs.. wanna see movie.. the cinema full liao.. wanna play bumper cars but the cars like no power one.. no fun..

anyway we make a conclusion.. the food at genting sucks... the marry brown like use previous night chicken, pizza hut the service is lousy plus food also lousy... think only kfc and mac is relatively good..

then sun took the 1530 bus back... well done is that it started raining at 1500.. seems a bit scary cos going downhill.. i do not wanna reach the bottom of the hill in a few secs.. but lucky nothing happen.. but so fun is that it was cold hence when ya breathe out.. ya can see the smoke from the mouth.. hehe...

then its a 8hrs trip back to singapore sia.. super tired when reach home at midnight plus.. then next day is work work work.. haha...


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