Sunday, August 12, 2007 @ 10:34 PM
been another busy week wor... time does fly pass fast...

nowadays ah.. if i meeting friends or wat.. norm i would take taxi there or back.. cos i have this thinknig.. $$ i can earn back but a day only 24 hrs lor... rather spend more $$ and i can come back sleep more.. i dont mind that lor...

anyway the national day message by PM Lee say that growth forecast will be raised to 7%-8% from the orginal 5%-7% leh... good.. hope it will maintain this way as long as possible lor.. someone told mi the highest growth came from construction industry lor.. of cos lor... now mi company got 11 sites ongoing.. plus a few more tendering.. plus all the IRs and civil works.. definitely will enjoy growth but once IRs all finished by then will slowly go down again liao...

Wednesday.. junxian, hafidz and lijun came mi house to play mahjong lor... actually wanan go in JB that day but then too much things to settle at work hence never go in lor... went to NYDC orchard there to eat.. then cross the road and drink a glass outside the ndyc there lor... whole night lost $2.. hafidz lost $15.. lijun no win no lose.. the bugger junxian won all lor..

Thursday.. went in JB with junxian.. went to buy oakley lenses.. ahha.. went holiday inn there to buy.. spend bout $274 for a pair of oakley frame with precription lenses lor... so happy.. haha..

Oakley Wiretap Frame.. Pewter Color

then sat met up with hall graduates ppl... all the yandao and mei nu... hehe.. thats why i'm there.. not bad.. meet up with some ppl that i long time never see.. like shuang, reb, edwin, etc lor..


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