Wednesday, August 15, 2007 @ 11:42 PM

0630-0700.. wake up.. wash up.. father send mi to tampines mrt

0700-0810..reach site.. late.. by right should reach at 0800.. but have to take train to pasir ris in order to secure a seat.. knn.. then concuss all the way to boon lay.. whole trip take 1 hr

0810-0840.. then find out wats the inspection schedule.. visit the toilet.. smoke the first cig of the day.. pray to 'guan yu'.. then go on site..

0840-1140.. all the way on site.. 'enjoying' the sun, dust, ocassionally rain.. go for inspection.. settle problems on site pertaining to discrepencay or mistakes.. arrange inspection with Clerk of Work i.e C.O.W.. do pre inspection.. fu$ker chinamen never do things properly AS USUAL.. need to ask them to do things.. settle problems between my indian assistant engineer and chinaman.. push for progress.. see where is urgent etc..

1140-1300.. lunch.. then sleep in the office.. normally for 30-45mins

1300-1900.. site again.. on and off come back to find archi or structural coordinator to clarify drawings.. then give to chinaman.. then solve problems again.. then liase with C.O.W and chinaman.. then clear inspection... casting.. kenna scold by senior for any mistakes..etc..

1900-1930.. makan dinner which is order by the company.. then got time see a bit of drawing or nua.. cos too tired liao..

1930 to 2100 or even 2200.. then leave site.. took 1.5hr to reach home.. roughly reach home around 10+ on average.. then bathe.. nua on bed.. watch a bit of drama series.. then sleep...

this will repeat for 6 days.. sometimes on sunday also working.. though recently reduce liao... really no social life wor... thats why sunday is always precious to mi wor.. cos its the only rest time.. did i mention the fu#cker chinaman will call mi on sunday morning to solve any problem... even though my indian assistant engineer is on site.. knn...

tonight... was walking along the road to mi friend car for dinner.. .knn.. knock by a bicycle coming from behind.. the impact cause mi to hop for a few steps lah.. off balance.. lucky never fell down cos its on the road... no cars also.. but got some scratches on mi toes cos wearing slippers... must go pray more liao.. 7th lunar month liao... must not be unlucky sia.. hehe...

upcoming events.. 23rd aug got a street soccer gathering for engineers from all sites and play with mi young boss... 1st sept got dragon boat event orgainsed by company.. 5th oct.. company 80th anniversary.. got D&D at some hotel i forgot where liao...

update soon~~ btw sorry reina didnt meet up with ya last week.. i shall try this weekend wor..


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